I Don’t Go Here Anymore

Decided to start a whole new website dedicated to everything I do – philosophy, Authentic Democracy, my music, my poems, my writing, my art. All in one place. I have a new blog there too – it’s where I plan on blogging going forward so please check it out and see what I’ve been up to… www.everythingdanmckee.com

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Finding Me by Strangely Shaped By Fathers

This is a bass and vocals only version of a song I wrote back in 1999 after the June 18th Carnival Against Capitalism. We recorded it with Academy Morticians in 2001 and the full band version was released on our “What Happened?” album. As I saw the death of George Floyd and the eruption of righteous anger against police brutality, racism, and a legacy of structural prejudice and violence…and the horrific state response…this song’s lyrics resonated yet again and I decided to record a new version on my acoustic bass by myself. I also took the opportunity to delete a few of the sweary bits my teenage self had put in the lyrics and make it more “radio friendly” as it were. Black Lives Matter. Fuck the police. This is NOT what democracy looks like. We need a radical change and we need it NOW.


Streets filled with conspiracy
The Masses Screaming To Be Free
Demonstrators everywhere
The rich are having quite a scare
Fighting against corruption and a murderous regime
The masses are uprising and are taking to the streets
Protest’s a right supposedly in this democracy
So why on earth is everywhere surrounded by police?

Banners and singing against tear-gas, clubs and guns
Who is really protecting the peace?

This is what democracy looks like
Is this what democracy looks like?

Everyday people are screwed
By systemic structural abuse
Corporate ruling capitalists
Screw us over for their profit
But now we’re getting restless and we’re beating on our drums
A battle cry for freedom in our mass demonstrations
Our anger turned to magic and some more direct action
A democratic right to voice our dissatisfaction

We’re growing stronger not going away
In fear they bring in their armies!

This is what democracy looks like
Is this what democracy looks like?
Cuz to me it just looks like Marshall law!

Undercover cops sparking up violence
Military nerve gasses to stop our dissent
Arrested for political opinions
As rubber bullets fly at our painted faces
The class war illustrated
As the cops protect the ruling class
This is your democracy
Aren’t you so proud of what you let pass?

Freedom of speech beaten away
We speak our minds, their batons raise!
The confrontation evidence they’ve something to protect
Throw all you can at us cuz we will never rest!

We will fight until we win
Your mind manipulation is wearing thin

This ain’t what democracy looks like!
This ain’t what democracy looks like!

Because it’s not a democracy when you’re beaten up for speaking out

This ain’t a democracy-oh no!


From Words To Sounds

As well as the new book (out in paperback tomorrow – order here), a new Strangely Shaped By Fathers EP is coming out in June, inspired by some of the poems I was writing on here last summer.

First news about the EP – plus the ability to listen to/download my entire prior discography – will be on Bandcamp, so please give me a follow if you’ve enjoyed my writing in the last year!  It means a lot.